Argentum Litter

We are happy to announce that Metti became a mother for the first time on 20 September 2022!

Mama Papa
Metti Porthos
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Four girls (Blue, Purple, Orange und Pink) and five boys (Red, Grey, Green, Yellow und Turquoise)
were born.

Colour Gender Name
Blue Female Argentum Stella from Juramika
Purple Female Argentum Supernova from Juramika
Orange Female Argentum Nebula from Juramika
Pink Female Argentum Alchimia from Juramika
Red Male Argentum Radius from Juramika
Grey Male Argentum Elementum from Juramika
Green Male Argentum Solaris from Juramika
Yellow Male Argentum Olympus from Juramika
Turquoise Male Argentum Metallicus from Juramika

26 October 2022. All puppies have already found their families. This page will not be updated.

Day 67

Day 62

Day 59

Day 57

Day 55

Day 53

Day 52

Day 48

Day 47

Day 46

Day 43

Day 42

Day 40

Day 38

Day 37

The puppies discovered the puppy park by Celli's Atelier.

Day 35

Finally the puppies got the possibility to enjoy nice weather outside, try leaves and get dirty.

Day 34

It has been raining all day long today, so the puppies had to stay inside.

Day 30

Today the puppies are one month old.

Day 29

Night 28

It does not matter how late or early it is. The puppies are ready to play all days and nights long.

Day 27

The puppies start to play with each other.

Day 26

Today the puppies enjoyed sun outside.

...and then sleep in the playpen.

Day 23

Today we let the puppies spend some time in a playpen. We thought, since it is larger than the litterbox the puppies would be happy have more freedom, but they are still looking for a nook where they can hide.

Day 22

The puppies start to see and play with each other, they also spend more time walking around.

We started to give the puppies puppy food in addition to the milk they get from the mommy.

Day 18

Day 17

Day 15

Day 13

Now we use wax based paint just above the tails instead of collars to mark puppies. The puppies are much more active now and paint is harmless. Collars may cause injures.

Day 11

The puppies try to stand and walk, their eyes are still closed, but they already try to blink.

Day 9

The puppies doubled their weights, they are very active, they eat and sleep longer, allowing their mother to rest outside of the puppy box.

Day 6

Day 5

The puppies just woke up and are looking for mama. The towels on the floor is not a mess. They model more natural surface, what is good for puppy development.

Day 4

The puppies start to get pigmentation on their noses and paws. The mama is trying to get asleep.

Metti feeding puppies:

Day 1